Monday, September 29, 2008

Update on Evan

Evan had a great check-up on his 20-month birthday (September 22nd). He weighed 23 lbs and 15 oz and was 31 ¾ inches tall. He is slowly but surely growing. Of course, the poor little fellow had to endure three shots that day. He is definitely a little trooper. The Doctor asked me at his check-up if he could point to body parts when asked and I said no but we had been working on it. Well, low and behold, that night while giving him a bath, I asked where his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair and belly button were and he pointed right to them. We were so excited and heaped on the praise.

He has also been spoiled as he was not able to go to daycare last week. He had a cold and was running a low-grade fever. Luckily, Granna (my Mom) was able to watch him. He was definitely catered to last week. He also managed to pass it on too me. I took him to the Doctor on Friday but was told it was just a cold. He seems to have turned the corner and went back to daycare today.

We also had our first Post Placement report today with our Social Worker. It was nice to have some things validated and know that we are doing a pretty good job. Russia requires Post Placement reports at 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years of placement. I don’t mind this. I am excited for the Russian officials to know how well he is doing and to see pictures of how much is growing and changing. We still feel very fortunate to have been chosen as his parents.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lunch out with Friends

Today we met Sherri and Natalie for lunch at Evan’s favorite place. Can you guess? If you guessed Chick-fil-a, you got it right. It was great to catch up with Sherri and see her daughter Natalie. You may remember me asking you for prayers for Sherri when she traveled to bring Natalie home in April. She was one of the brave ones that stuck out the 10 day wait in Russia. It was great to compare notes and realize we have been very blessed in how well our children have adapted and adjusted to their new families.

Evan and Natalie

Evan is waiting for Natalie to come down the slide

Friday, September 12, 2008


It has definitely been a few weeks since I posted. I have survived my first two weeks back at work and Evan is surviving daycare. It does break my heart that he cries every morning. But I am assured that he stops in a few minutes and generally has a great day. We have our new morning routine down. Sometimes he wakes up on his own and other times he needs a little nudging (of course, he still ends up sleeping with us every night). Luckily he generally wakes up in a good mood. Since he is so used to eating when he gets up, I generally give him a yogurt drink and a few cheerios. We leave the house by 7:20 to head to daycare and then I am off to work. I will be starting a new project at work next week so definitely say a prayer for me on TWTH’s as those days are going to be pretty stressful.

Since Evan loves the water so much, Granna (my Mom) has started taking him to the YWCA and has signed him up for lessons to help him get used to the water. He will be able to take swimming lessons once he turns 3. She said he had a grand time the other day. He splashed, laid on his back, pushed off the side of the pool and jumped in. Mom said the staff was very impressed with his love of the water. I hope he does well and doesn’t develop a fear of the water. Someone said he might be the next Michael Phelps. Maybe so! Wouldn’t swimming be cheaper than golf?