Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Very Special Day

Sunday, October 26, 2008 was an extra special day. Evan was dedicated at church today. We dedicated him to our Lord and Savior and to his service. We pray that we will do a good job as parents and raise him to serve the Lord. It is because of our Lord we have such a special son. Our family and friends prayed continuously for us during our adoption process and though we didn’t always understand why the wait, the Lord knew. I can’t imagine not having had the opportunity to be Evan’s mother. He is so special and has brought wonderful changes to our lives.

The day was also special as my best friend, Dennie Faye and her husband Curtis sang in honor of Evan’s dedication. They sang Stephen Curtis Chapman’s song “When Love Takes You In” which is about adoption. Love for this special little boy has definitely taken us in. It was also wonderful having family and friends at church with us on this special day.

I have attached a few pictures from today. I will share that his outfit is not what I had originally intended for him to wear. It was Plan B. Plan A was a solid white one-piece Christening outfit. Well, let me tell you, he was having nothing to do with that outfit this morning and we couldn’t even get it on him. So we moved to Plan B which I think worked out better. His Plan B outfit fits his personality more.

Family and Friends celebrating this special day with us.

Evan hanging out in the church nursery (He didn't make it through the whole service)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Evan at the Pumpkin Patch

We took Evan to the Pumpkin Patch this afternoon. Evan had a great time checking out the pumpkins and we bought him one to go on the front porch.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Evan having fun at home with his wagon

Showing off his new haircut

As always, climbing, climbing, climbing

Evan and his cousin Yancy

Hanging out with cousins Yancy and Adele--as you can see, it is nearly impossible to get three children to pose for a picture

Hanging out with Mom and Dad

Riding his trike--one of the many toys that Granna has purchased

Future Golfer

Checking out Uncle Larry's Harley