Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Shout Out to My Friend Sherri

Congratulations to my friend Sherri. She just received her travel dates to return to Krasnoyarsk, Russia on her second trip to bring her daughter Natalie home. Please add Sherri to your prayers as she prepares to travel on March 4th and has court on March 11th. Natalie will turn 4 in July.

Sherri is one of those great friends I have discovered in the world of IA (International Adoption). Sherri and I met through the Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption ( website chat board. We realized we lived in the same general area and began e-mailing offline. It has been great having someone to share the ups and downs in the adoption world who has been dealing with the same issues. Congratulations Sherri!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Elephants, Zebras, Giraffes, Turtles, Monkeys and more …

This is a picture of Fred’s room. Okay, his name is not really going to be Fred. This is the name Kevin gave him as we were batting names around. With all the delays we have experienced, it has helped us to keep things a little light. Even our family and friends call him Fred and are worried the name may stick. (No offense to anyone who has this as a family name). We do have some names in mind but are waiting until we meet our son and find out his current name to see if we want to keep it or how it can be incorporated into a new name. Often the children are called by nicknames given to them by the caregivers at the baby house instead of their given name.

Now back to his room, we were able to get the furniture and bedding at a really great price last year at USA Baby when it was going out of business in Greensboro. I still have a couple of things to hang on the walls that came with the bedding. I tried to talk Kevin into painting, but it didn’t work. Did you notice the John Deere tractor on the nightstand? Kevin picked that out. My next step is to have a cushion made for the rocking chair and my Mom is in the process of getting fabric samples. Now, if we can just get Fred home.